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Wylie Robinson on the Evolution of Rumpl’s Talent Strategy

Wylie Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Rumpl, a Climate Neutral Certified B Corp and proud member of 1% for the Planet discusses how the brand’s compelling vision and values have helped attract top talent and drive its success.

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Founder transitions: Mitigating risk and maximizing value

For growing companies, bringing in an outside CEO is a critical inflection point. Without the right attention and care, new leadership and founder transitions can create risk for a company’s mission, brand, products, and culture. Preserving what works, aligning on strategy, evolving culture, and driving change to achieve new levels of growth has the potential to create friction. In this episode, Dr. Stacey Philpot and Dr. Ted Freeman share their method for establishing healthy partnerships as well as how to anticipate and mitigate potential points of failure.

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Crafting a Purposeful Talent Strategy at Patagonia and Trove with Alyssa Kessler

Alyssa Kessler is the Director of Recruiting at Trove, a company whose technology supports circular shopping and aids in shaping environmentally responsible commercial ecosystems. Their end-to-end operating system facilitates the processes behind used inventory and recommerce sales for top brands like Arc’teryx, Levi’s, lululemon, Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, and many others.

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Stitch Fix’s Denise Novosel on Developing Successful Talent Strategies

Denise Novosel is the VP of Recruiting for personal styling service Stitch Fix. She spends her days crafting effective talent acquisition strategies for the brand. Prior to joining Stitch fix, she was VP of Talent Acquisition at Nike and spent over 11 years at Microsoft.

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Paloma Medina on the Psychology of Bias

Paloma Medina is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur specializing in organizational performance improvement. In this podcast, she shares her perspective on the psychology of bias and how leaders can evaluate bias in their own processes.

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Tom Duncan, CEO, on innovating in the home improvement industry

Tom Duncan spent 15 years as the CEO of Positec, the innovative, market-leading power tool company, where he now serves on the board. Tom started the American division of Positec in 2005 and oversaw their successful growth strategy; Positec’s direct to consumer brands, Worx and Rockwell, are two of the fastest growing tool brands in the world. With a wealth of experience leading this challenger brand, Tom has developed an agile and process-oriented approach to hiring.

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True Religion’s Theresa Watts on Redefining Organizational Culture

Theresa Watts is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at True Religion Brand Jeans, where she has helped to redefine and shape culture in order to design, build, and implement programs and policies that strengthen the organization.

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Carola Frisch is the Founder of Frisch Search, an executive search firm based in London that works with iconic lifestyle and consumer brands in high growth and transformation.

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Jan Singer, Global Consumer Retail Executive and Venture Capital Advisor

Jan Singer is an influential and incredibly accomplished executive leader with over 25 years of experience in footwear, apparel, and cosmetics. She’s served as CEO at Victoria’s Secret, Spanx, and J. Crew. Earlier on, she held key roles at footwear giants like Nike and Reebok.

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Talent is critical to every successful company, but hiring at the executive level comes with many challenges and variables.

Roy Notowitz and his team at Noto Group have spent the last decade helping build iconic consumer brands, one hire at a time. Now, Roy is sitting down with some of the world’s most inspiring leaders to dig into the complexities of assembling exceptional teams.

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