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A Recruiter’s Perspective on Job Search Strategy: Part 1

Kate Sargent is a talent acquisition expert and job search strategy coach, assisting both companies and candidates alike in matching top talent with career defining roles. In Part 1 of their deep dive conversation, Kate and Roy discuss how candidates can successfully approach and prepare for a job search, and how fostering authentic relationships in the networking process can make or break a job search.

Kate lends a unique perspective to the conversation – she’s served as Head of Global Talent Acquisition for iconic brands like Allbirds and Method, and has most recently served as the VP of People Operations at The Citizenry. Simultaneously, Kate’s built a successful career coaching business, helping candidates refine their search strategy, hone their job seeking assets, and distill their experience into highly relevant and engaging interviews. Her expansive knowledge of the talent pipeline and acquisition process make this discussion essential listening for both candidates and recruiters.

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Bryan Adams on How to Define and Leverage an Employer Brand Strategy

Bryan Adams is the founder and CEO of Ph.Creative, an employer branding agency helping companies attract top talent. Ph.Creative works with brands to distill and express clear, authentic employee value propositions in order to enhance the applicant experience and retain candidates. Their clients include LinkedIn, Apple, Nike, and many more.

Bryan is also the best-selling author of Give and Get Employer Branding: Repel the Many and Compel the Few with Impact, Purpose, and Belonging, in which he discusses the ins and outs of employer branding, as well as the philosophy and methodology behind his work. Bryan and Roy discuss the integral role of brand reputation in talent attraction, the importance of culture and citizenship within a company, recent recruitment trends, and much more.

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Reflections, Highlights and Key Hiring Lessons for 2024

In this episode we highlight some themes and insights we gleaned from 2023 podcast guests. Guests share their thoughts on talent strategy, candidate experience, and diversity. A new awareness emerged around the value of bringing different styles and approaches into an organization and how that contributes to the overall success. Additional talent market insights included what companies are looking for in top talent as well as what top candidates take into consideration before making a career move. Check out the highlight reel and dive into some great episodes.

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John Vlastelica on ways to improve hiring efficiency, quality and diversity

John Vlastelica, founder and CEO of Recruiting Toolbox, a consulting and training firm helping companies recruit and hire shares current and future trends in recruiting.

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How to Support, Motivate, and Retain Parents in the Workplace with Greer Van Dyck

Organizational coach Greer Van Dyck joins Roy to explore how organizations can better support, motivate, and retain people throughout their parenthood journey.

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Seth Ellison (Nike, Levi’s, Quiksilver) on his Favorite Interview Questions, Cultivating Internal Talent, the Elements of Successful Talent Strategy, and More

Seth Ellison has led teams at iconic brands like Nike, Levi Strauss & Co., and Quiksilver. He joins Roy to discuss how these roles have shaped his hiring philosophy and what we can learn from the talent strategy of top apparel companies.

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Talent is critical to every successful company, but hiring at the executive level comes with many challenges and variables.

Roy Notowitz and his team at Noto Group have spent the last decade helping build iconic consumer brands, one hire at a time. Now, Roy is sitting down with some of the world’s most inspiring leaders to dig into the complexities of assembling exceptional teams.

Whether you’re interested in hiring strategy, leadership assessment, or industry trends, you’ll want to tune into How I Hire.

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