Lisa Bougie is a C-Suite executive with a wealth of experience leading high growth consumer brands like Stitch Fix, Nike, Patagonia, and Gap. 

Since moving on from her role as Stitch Fix Women’s General Manager, Lisa has dedicated her time to companies that support the environment, wellness, and gender equality. She currently serves as an advisor and independent director including EILEEN FISHER, Cora, and Bulletin.

Highlights from our conversation include:

  • Evaluating hiring competency (4:27)
  • Developing a successful framework (7:13)
  • Balancing art and science in hiring (9:06)
  • Defining values and culture meaningfully (11:00)
  • Assessing candidates through a multistep process (14:59)
  • Learning through success and failure (24:35)
  • Advice for hiring managers (26:56)

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How I Hire Podcast with Lisa Bougie

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