Wendy Collie, on hiring and empowering teams at Starbucks and New Seasons Market. 

Wendy Collie is a changemaking C-Level Executive known for amplifying the positive impact of individuals and teams. Listen to the podcast on magnifying inspired service and creating authentic retail brand experiences on a global scale.

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How I Hire podcast with Wendy Collie

Charles Handler How I Hire podcast

Dr. Charles Handler, Talent Assessment Expert and Founder of Rocket-Hire

In this episode Charles shares his extensive expertise in technology-based assessments and selection science. We discuss how today’s tools can help companies hire at the executive level.

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How I Hire podcast with Dr. Charles Handler

Key Hiring Advice for 2021 and Beyond

Special: Key Hiring Advice for 2021 and Beyond

We highlight some of the many key pieces of wisdom guests have shared over the last year. Tune in to hear lessons from top hiring leaders to take into 2021 and beyond.

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How I Hire recap episode. Special thanks to Dr. Stacey Philpot, Lisa Bougie, Jodi Bricker, Serilda Summers-McGee, Kristi McFarland, Trip Randall, Aimée Lapic, Jaime Schmidt and Scott Allan.  


In this episode, Gene shares his seasoned perspective on hiring as well as some great stories from his remarkable career at iconic brands like Nike, ASICS, Under Armour, Reebok, Timberland, and Merrell.

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How I Hire podcast with Gene McCarthy

Aimee Lapic How I Hire

Aimée Lapic, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at GoPro

Aimée Lapic is the Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at GoPro. Before joining GoPro, she served as CMO at Pandora. She spent over 14 years with Gap, Inc. in various roles, including CMO of Banana Republic and SVP and GM of International Gap Outlet. Aimée was featured in the top 50 on Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs list in 2018. 

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How I Hire podcast with Aimée Lapic

Trip Randall

Trip Randall on hiring and shaping team culture at Nike

In this episode, Trip Randall, former VP and GM of Running at Nike, shares how he navigated the iconic company’s scale, complexity, and reputation to make great hires.

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How I Hire podcast with Trip Randall

Fred Miller and Judith Katz on diversity and inclusion

As pioneers in diversity and inclusion, Fred and Judith draw on their foundational framework, ‘Inclusion as the HOW’ to help clients achieve higher performance. In this podcast, they share their perspectives on current trends with context for how to recruit, support, and retain a diverse workforce.

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How I Hire podcast with Fred Miller and Judith Katz

Stacey Philpot


Tune in to hear how Stacey helps Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Nike, Johnson & Johnson and more. You won’t want to miss her insights gained from 20 years of experience.

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How I Hire podcast with Stacey Philpot, PhD

Jodi Bricker, CEO Quay Australia

Jodi Bricker, CEO of Quay Australia

Jodi Bricker is an inspiring leader with experience hiring and building teams at Levi Strauss, Gap, Old Navy, Athleta and Quay Australia. Find out how her experience as an athlete shaped her hiring philosophy and why empowering and mentoring women is a priority in all aspects of her life.

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How I Hire podcast with Jodi Bricker, CEO of Quay Australia

Pacific Cycle hires a key role virtually

How Pacific Cycle Hired a VP Virtually

Virtual hiring became a necessity when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the hiring process. Pacific Cycle was in the middle of hiring their VP of Brand and Creative when they were forced to close their offices. They moved forward with the process remotely, making a key hire without the traditional in-person interview.

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How I Hire podcast with Pacific Cycle leadership team

Serilda Summers-McGee

Serilda Summers-McGee, Founder & CEO, Workplace Change
Chief Human Resources Officer

Serilda Summers-McGee is a workforce development and human resources expert. She is the Founder of Workplace Change, where she works with clients as Chief Human Resources Officer to assess culture, resolve workplace challenges, and recruit and retain underrepresented executives and staff in inclusive, positive, and high functioning work environments.

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How I Hire podcast with Serilda Summers-McGee

Kristi McFarland

Kristi McFarland, Chief Strategy Officer 

Kristi McFarland is the Chief Strategy Officer at New Seasons Market, a Pacific Northwest, sustainably-focused, organic grocer with 18 community-oriented stores. Before joining New Seasons, Kristi led organizational innovation, culture, and brand strategy at Peet’s Coffee & Tea and held HR leadership roles at Gap, Williams-Sonoma, and Banana Republic. In her time at New Seasons, she has overseen rapid growth through talent strategy alignment, leadership development, and culture.

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How I Hire podcast with Kristi McFarland


Dr. Ted Freeman joins me on this special episode to discuss Psychological Capital, a framework we can use to maintain performance and wellbeing in difficult times. We get into evidence-based practices we can follow to improve our (and our teams’) ability to manage stressors and pressures now and in the future.

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How I Hire podcast with Ted Freeman

Chris McDonough L.L.Bean


Chris McDonough is the Chief Sales and Brand Officer for L.L.Bean where he leads a team of over 2,000 people. He’s led commercial, marketing, eCommerce, and international divisions across a range of industry sectors. Chris is a seasoned global leader who prioritizes authenticity in his management style. He drives change and performance by bringing out the best in his team and maximizing their individual capabilities.

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How I Hire podcast with Chris McDonough

Dina Keenan CMO


Dina Keenan is a marketing leader with deep experience in CPG, retail, fashion, and beauty. She recently served as CMO of New Seasons Market, where she led a high-performing team in a period of rapid growth for the company. Dina emphasizes connection and purpose in her work and has a passion for building effective teams. We get into the details of CMO hiring and more.

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How I Hire podcast with Dina Keenan

Scott Allan on How I Hire podcast

Scott Allan is the CEO and Global GM of Hydro Flask

Scott Allan is the Global General Manager of Hydro Flask, where he served as CEO and President until their acquisition by Helen of Troy in 2016. Before discovering the outdoor industry, Scott was a tech executive in Silicon Valley. He successfully scaled Hydro Flask’s business and built the brand from the inside out, understanding that the right talent could make or break the company’s essential culture.

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How I Hire podcast with Scott Allan

Katrina Hahn, Former SVP of Bare Snacks on How I Hire

Katrina Hahn is the former SVP of Bare Snacks

Katrina is a Visionary General Management Leader with a history of driving dramatic growth and leading exceptional teams across the food, health and beauty, household cleaning, and durable goods industries. As the Senior Vice President of Bare Snacks, Katrina and her team doubled the company’s size before their acquisition by Frito-Lay in 2018. 

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How I Hire podcast with Katrina Hahn

Hap Klopp The North Face

Hap Klopp spent 20 years as the President and Ceo of the north face.

Hap now helps other entrepreneurial companies around the world with strategy through his company, HK Consulting. He also shares his insight as a speaker and writer.

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How I Hire Podcast with Hap Klopp

Jaime Schmidt is the Founder of industry-disrupting brand Schmidt’s Naturals.

With Schmidt’s, Jaime brought natural personal care products into the mainstream and scaled the company from kitchen to acquisition.

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How I Hire Podcast with Jaime Schmidt

Steve Bonomo is the Head of Global Talent Acquisition for Twitter where he oversees a team of more than 200 recruiters and talent acquisition specialists.

Steve brings a wealth of experience from outside of the tech world to his role at Twitter. Before joining Twitter, he was the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Adidas and a Recruiting Manager with TaylorMade Golf.

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How I Hire Podcast with Steve Bonomo

Lisa Bougie Director and Advisor on How I Hire podcast.

Lisa Bougie is a C-Suite executive with a wealth of experience leading high growth consumer brands like Stitch Fix, Nike, Patagonia, and Gap. 

Since moving on from her role as Stitch Fix Women’s General Manager, Lisa has dedicated her time to companies that support the environment, wellness, and gender equality. She currently serves as an advisor and independent director including EILEEN FISHER, Cora, and Bulletin.

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How I Hire Podcast with Lisa Bougie

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